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Writing Effective Closes for Your Social Media Ad Copy

You need to do more than just ask for action when closing your copy. Here's what you can do to get more conversions.

You see, the close is important. You know that.

You also know that prime selling opportunities are rare.

So, when the opportunity comes, you need to make the most of it.

And we do that by tapping into the loss aversion bias.

(Which means it's much harder for us to let go of something than it is to gain something of equal value.)

So rather than just asking for action, you can tell your prospects what they'll miss if they don't take action.

Tap into both what they'll gain AND what they'll lose.

Things like status. Time with loved ones. Savings.

And even if they don't 'have' the product yet, you can make it seem like they have an opportunity.

If they don't act now, they'll miss out (and lose it).

Combined with the perks of your product, you're covering lots of bases. You're pushing AND pulling them towards action.

And faced with this, it'll be tough for your prospect not to.

But sometimes, you need even more.

To squeeze the last drops out, why not...

Dangle bait?

Set a time limit?

Give a valid reason why supply is limited?

Explain why prices will increase on a set date?

Repeat the gains?

Dramatise the opportunity. The scarcity.

But be careful here.

As your close gets longer, it's easy to lose clarity.

Keep it specific. Honest. Direct.

This isn't the time to let prospects hesitate.

Hesitation = no sale.

You only get one shot at closing, so make it count.

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