• lewisfolkard

The Life-Cycle of a "Market"

A market is born when an unfulfilled desire - a problem - is shared by a significant number of people.

But... if we can't create desire (only channel it), wouldn't we eventually fulfil all desires, so the markets complete themselves?

Wouldn't the markets become redundant?

Wouldn't people stop buying?

The simple answer? No.

Markets restore themselves. The desires never change, nor do they wholly fulfil themselves.

As new (better) products enter the market, the market becomes dissatisfied with old products/solutions and begins to look again - retapping into the same desires as before.

Tactics change. Principles don't.

As a #marketer or #copywriter, you're always better off working with the principles of human nature than you are against them.

And if you don't believe it from me, believe it from Gene Schwartz...

"Advertising, like science, must accept reality as it exists, not as it might wish it to exist. Only then can it alter reality—not by smashing into it head-on—but by exploiting its tendencies and giving direction to its energies."

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