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How to Sell the Prevention and NOT the Cure

"Sell the cure, not the prevention." Right?

Usually, the cure is an easier sell. We know this. But sometimes, you'll be tasked with selling a preventative.

If so, what should you do?

Go back to the drawing board?

Start again?

...hmm, you could. But let's avoid that for now.

The 'simplest' answer is to try position your product as a cure.

...but this isn't always possible.

Okay, then what?

Well, you have two other options.

1. Wait for the prevention to become a cure - i.e. when your prospect has felt the pain of the problem you're preventing.

For example:

- Selling cavity protecting toothpaste after a filling.

- Selling cybersecurity after being hacked.

- Selling inner tube sealants after a puncture.


2. Reframe your product so it prevents future problems for loved ones instead (and not the prospect personally).

For example:

- Funeral products to avoid leaving expenses for your family.

- Vitamins and supplements to prevent deficiencies in your children.

- Home security systems for your older, less tech-savvy parents.

Why does this work?

Well, your prospect is perfectly capable of imagining problems affecting others.

They see the logic.

They feel the emotion... even if it doesn't affect them directly.

This is part of the reason why stories are so potent.

We put ourselves in the main character's shoes and feel everything they feel. We get so involved we become them.

And then, by appealing to others in our marketing, we (subtly) feed our prospect's ego.

We're tapping into 'nobler motives'.

We're making our prospects feel good because they're 'helping' someone else and paying good deeds forward.

And as you know, appealing to your prospect's ego is always a 'safe' bet.

...well, as safe as marketing appeals can be. 😉

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