Skyrocket your online sales with specialist social media copywriting. 


Skyrocket your online sales with specialist social media copywriting.

Hey, I'm Lewis, a freelance social media ads copywriter based in Ipswich, Suffolk.


I use the (time-tested) principles of direct response copywriting, the laws of human nature and a deep understanding of behavioural economics to drive valuable actions from your social media adverts.

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Unlock the psychological triggers that make people buy on social media.

In over 200,000 years, human nature hasn't really changed.


The core principles that influenced our behaviour back then are the same ones that influence our behaviour now.


The outcomes are different, yes - we're not fighting for survival anymore - but the motivations are still very much the same.


And, you see, in that time, advertisers and psychologists have spent billions researching, learning and refining their knowledge of human behaviour to truly understand what makes us humans tick.


So, I think we can both agree... it'd be silly not to use that knowledge to our advantage, right?


It saves us reinventing the wheel and making the same mistakes. It stops us pouring money down the drain on adverts that don't work.


And instead, double down on adverts that do work.

Tap into your prospect's subconscious

You see, the behaviour traits that we follow today have triggers. Triggers that are so deeply ingrained in our brains that they'll remain the same for centuries to come.


And although they're buried deep within us, we don't often acknowledge them consciously. We don't have time. Our brains are busy dealing with the stimuli of everyday life.


So they work away behind the scenes. Pulling the strings. Subtly guiding us through life and influencing the decisions we make.

In fact, cognitive scientists say we're only conscious of 5% of our brain's activity - 5%! That means, 95% of our behaviour, emotion, decision-making (and more) depends on the activity beyond our conscious awareness.


Persuasion is no different - it's mostly subconscious. And by tapping into these psychological triggers, getting the action we want becomes much easier.

The biggest trait of them all

We can't go around boasting about all our achievements, or how rich we are, or how beautiful we look, or what groups of people we belong to. 


Yet, we have a craving, an itch, to show others who we are and who we want to be... and that itch can't be scratched by being direct. Our peers wouldn't respect us.

So instead, we express it through the products we buy. 

"Oh, I don't do that", you're probably thinking.


And you could be right; there are exceptions... 


...but statistically, it's unlikely. There are far more who do than those who don't.


Applying it to your advertising

So, doesn't it seem obvious that effective advertising should tap into these principles of human nature?


You betcha! Yet not everyone does. 


Not because they're difficult to find (you could probably Google some of them), but because they're difficult to apply. 


It takes time and experience to find the best ways to angle these principles onto products. 


It demands an understanding of your audience so intense that the biggest desire reveals itself naturally. 


It requires a concrete bond between the perks of your product and the main psychological desire. A bond that forms an appeal so potent your prospect can't say no. 


And above all, it needs to be applied to the mediums we use today.


And for me, that's social media.

Tactics change. Principles don't.

Stop banging your head against the wall.
Stop trying to juggle everything.
Stop throwing your blo**y money away on ads that don't lead to measurable results!

Follow the principles of human nature, behavioural economics and direct response copywriting to increase your online sales.

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Advertising in the real world

As the world of social media gradually fills up with more and more low-quality content, the competition to be seen only increases.


Remember, you're not just competing for attention against your competitors. You're competing against the world. 


Quality content is no longer a "nice to have". It's essential.


Hiring a random person with no direct experience is not the answer.


Instead, hire someone who knows about behavioural economics, the laws of human nature, the principles of direct response copywriting, historical advertising, and most importantly… social media!


And look, just quick... before we go any further. 


If you're after someone to write sales pages, emails, video sales letters, brochures, websites, and anything that's not social media… I'm not your guy.


I don't (and won't) do it. Social media adverts only.


You see, not only will I write your ads and give you creative direction for your media, I'll build out your campaign in ways that I've generated over a 9x ROAS on clients' adverts.


And although these aren't the results that truly count (i.e., sales), I've created adverts that have produced:

  • CTRs of 21% +

  • Cost per Lead reductions of 91% +

  • Cost per clicks of <£0.06

I've created campaigns that have run internationally and (together) helped generate hundreds of thousands of ££ in revenue for businesses around the world.

Businesses include...

And here's what some of them say...

Dan Bowler

Founder of Norris Media

"I’ve had great pleasure working with Lewis on a number of projects. He’s shown great creativity with creating campaigns and making decisions that have greatly benefited our client's businesses."

Andrew Laws

Managing Director of Andrew Laws Associates

"Lewis gets results consistently, creatively and compellingly. Highly recommended."

Geneen Neal

Owner of Nene-Bee Florist

"...He has showed my business off at its best, something I couldn't do on my own. Lewis is always there if I have a question or idea I want to ask him. He has been a fantastic help…"

Matt Brennan 

Managing Director of Grange Fitness Performance Centre

"…The response I got from the advertising was more than I could have hoped for, but also working with Lewis was a pleasure, the responses from my quires was quick and the ideas that he came back with were spot on!"

Your next steps

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